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Why are you a photographer? It's not a real career, isn't it more of a hobby?

March 14, 2017


Ever heard someone say something like this? "So your a photographer? Why did you pick that profession?  You are smart and you could have done something better, something that could have helped people, something more secure and made a lot more money.  I mean it's nice but it's not like a real job, it's more of a hobby not a real profession. I mean there are so many photographers out there." Well if you haven't, stick around long enough and you will probably hear something along those lines. Probably from a family member or from people who don't understand art or underestimate the effect art can have on an individual or group.

Most people think in pictures. If I ask you to think of a purple elephant what do you do? Did you not just picture a huge purple elephant in your head. It's impossible not too. An image can transport you to a place or time instantaneously. It can bring back memories, and there is no way of filtering it. I have had people look at images I have taken of them during special occasions or certain times in their lives and brought them to tears. Sometimes those tears are of happiness, sometimes they aren't. It may be a portrait of a loved one that has passed and they notice that indistinguishable crooked smile or their bright blue eyes and immediately they are transported to a time when their loved one was still with them. Our connection with images is just as strong if not stronger than any other of our sensory memories. Kind of like smelling cookies and thinking about how grandma used to make them for you when you were a child. So even though we may not be saving lives, we sure are affecting their lives. I have helped many actors and models book jobs with the images I have taken of them. I take pride in what I do and I know plenty of photographers that have told me amazing stories of how their images have changed their clients life. So yes, I don't save lives but I do affect them and that is something I take very seriously. If you are a photographer or are thinking of a career change, if you are passionate about the art of photography I say go for it. I worked over 15 years in the IT sector and thought it was what I should be doing as a responsible man and husband, However, I was so miserable and uninspired that it was negatively affecting the ones I loved. So I did a complete 180 and followed my heart and my passion and have not looked back since. I am so happy that I chose to follow my passion. I encourage you to do some deep self analysis and find your passion. Whatever it is it will be the best choice you ever make. I guarantee it.  So get out there and do it!!




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